Parallels Desktop 10 更新了新版本 10.4.0-29337


自從更新了新版本的OS X EI Capitan後,Parallels Desktop 10就出現了USB Device不能正常assign進virtual machine的bug,每每都需要進行重新插拔,才能正常使用,對此我非常困擾。

後來在今年1月5日的時候,我終於受不了主動聯繫了Parallels的客服,後來客服陪我檢查完畢後,告訴我因為Parallels Desktop 10是專門為了OS X Mavericks設計的,所以更新後可能無法完美地支持所有功能,他們會想辦法去修復這個問題,但唯一最好的解決方法就是更新到最新版Parallels Desktop 11,對此我非常不滿,並在面子書上發文吐槽了一下。

原本我以為問題修復無望了,結果今天才發現他們在幾天前release了新版本,我測試後發現,我遇上的問題已經基本修復得差不多了,雖說現在依舊可能有從virtual machine移除USB Device後,不能自動mount回OS X的問題,但只要關閉virtual machine後,一切皆會恢復正常,不再需要反覆插拔,最大程度上解決了我的困擾,對此我必須感謝Parallels Desktop工程師的努力。


The latest version
This update for Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac 10.4.0 (29337) addresses overall stability and performance issues, improves support for Boot Camp virtual machines, and includes the following fixes:
Resolves an issue with Boot Camp virtual machines not booting after upgrading the guest OS to Windows 10
Resolves an issue with installing a guest OS from an external CD/DVD drive
Resolves an issue with reassigning a USB device from the Mac to a virtual machine
Resolves accidental issues when connecting external USB devices to a virtual machine
Resolves an issue with starting guest OS applications from OS X aliases


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