說實話Centos 7 gnome版真的挺漂亮的





說實話 我確實喜歡華麗的系統
但太過於絢麗 眼睛看著真的覺得不太舒服
之前就聽說過CentOS 7很漂亮 不過一直沒時間去測試
剛好最近有需求 就安裝了一下
發現我對它的喜愛程度 貌似比mac更甚
現在就暫時用VM過過癮吧 哈哈

This DVD image contains all the packages that can be installed using the
installer. This is the recommended image for most users.

This is the network install and rescue image. The installer will ask from
where it should fetch the packages to be installed. This image is most
useful if you have a local mirror of CentOS packages.

This image contains the complete set of packages for CentOS 7. It can be
used for installing or populating a local mirror. This image needs a dual
layer DVD or an 8GB USB flash drive.

These images are Live images of CentOS 7. Depending on the name they use the
respective display manager. They are designed for testing purposes and
exploring the CentOS 7 environment. They will not modify the content of your
hard disk, unless you choose to install CentOS 7 from within the Live
environment. Please be advised that you can not change the set of installed
packages in this case. This needs to be done within the installed system
using 'yum'.

This is like the GnomeLive image mentioned above, but without packages such
as libreoffice. This image is small enough to be burned on a CD.

The aim of this image is to install a very basic CentOS 7 system, with the
minimum of packages needed to have a functional system. Please burn this image
onto a CD and boot your computer off it. A preselected set of packages will be
installed on your system. Everything else needs to be installed using yum. The set
of packages installed by this image is identical to the one installed when choosing
the group named "Minimal" from the full DVD image.

這是官方對於每個iso的說明 說得很簡要
大家若想下載 可以考慮從我們學校的源來下載

這兩週是期中考周 感覺挺累的
病也一直還沒完全好 沒辦法 只能好好加油了

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